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Resident and Family Member Testimonials

HCAM produced 2017 ...Thankful for Compassionate Care that included numerous thank you letters member facilities were sent throughout the year. This easy to navigate book is organized by county. Please click HERE to read those testimonials.


HCAM will continue to highlight examples of letters received.

Dear JCMCF: (Jackson County Medical Care Facility)

I wanted to contact you and let you know how exceptional your staff was not only over the last year, but especially last weekend when my mom passed away.

Going into Recovery Road, I had my doubts because of the experience that I had in the other unit, but you told me to trust you that you would be on top of everything and that the family was welcome to talk to you about any concerns that we had.  My mom's quality of life changed dramatically from day 1.  I can never say enough good things about her last year in Recovery Road.  From the top with Jeannie, she was very attentive to my mom and her needs and ALWAYS took time to talk to me about any concerns that I had. Never once did she make me feel like I was "that family" or that I was overreacting or that she didn't have time for me.  The load that was lifted off my shoulders by that was enormous.  A gift that I will forever feel grateful for.  The atmosphere when you walk into that unit is like night and day from where my mom was. It's like the sun is always shining, everyone looks you in the eye as you pass and says hello.  Her room was always spotless and the care she received from her CENAs was awesome.  My mom used to complain a lot about the care she received, but she NEVER complained after her move. 

They were all very compassionate to HER needs and what SHE wanted, not what was convenient or quickest for them.  If she didn't like what was on the menu, they paid attention to the things they knew she liked and would find something that she would eat that day.  They would be creative in ways to get her to eat, from the "special shakes" to tomato sandwiches or fruit plates without pineapple!!  If they couldn't get her to eat they would call us and say, hey are you coming up? mom's not eating too great today maybe you can bring her favorite (which was Little Ceasers Pepperoni Pizza) Those simple things told me that they truly care about their residents and go way above and beyond just doing their jobs.  She never left her room without her hair brushed and her jewelry on.  My mom loved her staff there.

This last weekend when my mom passed was brutal.  We got the call on Friday that she wasn't doing well and she didn't pass until Monday evening.  So the family was there pretty much non-stop that whole weekend.  While hospice visited and wrote the orders to give the doctors, the real love and compassion came from your staff. They made sure that she was clean and comfortable at ALL TIMES. This helped her to not be restless and agitated.  They made sure there was a courtesy cart with coffee, water and juice and snacks there at all times and they refreshed it several times.  They checked on my mom constantly and helped me to understand the process that she was going through.  This helped us tremendously, it helped us to not panic through the whole process and to help my mom ease in her transition.  My mom was pain free and her passing in the end was very peaceful.  I'm not sure if you are a religious person or not, but I'll share that I was praying for a sign from God that he would take care of my mom, as I have for so long, I wasn't ready to let her go.  On Monday morning at sunrise, I was at my mom's side holding her hand, dozing.  I woke up to see the sun filtering through the blinds and casting soft rays of the sun all over her body. 

Something caught my eye at the window and there was a dove almost hovering in the window, it literally stayed there for at least 10 seconds, and it looked as though it was looking through the window.  It was an incredible peaceful moment that I will hold onto forever.  The dove appeared again when my mom passed, and again when we cleaned out her room, this time with another dove, which tells me, she's not alone. 

Now I'll tell you that in the year she's been there, I've NEVER seen any bird in the window, courtyards yes, windows no.

When the funeral home came to pick up my mom the staff put that beautiful blanket over her, so we didn't have to see her in that bag.  That is a very nice touch.  Rex & the other CENA (sorry I didn't know her name) & the nurse Nicole, escorted my mom out to the hearse in a very military like fashion, it was done with such love and respect, and we cannot thank you enough for that.

So what was probably the very worst time of our lives and my mom's especially was made easier by your staff.  I just wanted to make sure you knew how important it was to the family that I tell you.  I've told the staff personally and left a note at the desk. But as their boss, I wanted you to know as well.  They deserve a lot of praise, and certainly could be used as an example of excellence.

We asked that in lieu of flowers, memorial donations be sent to JCMCF in memory of Darlene Sanders.  So if any come in, we would like them to go to an employee fund that you use for employee parties.  They deserve those times of fun and distraction as their jobs are so difficult.

So on behalf of myself, my family and most importantly my mom ~ we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Job well done.

Kind Regards, Esther  & Family


Fisher Senior Care and Rehab
Thank you, are inadequate words to explain our appreciation for the kindness & thoughtful considerations your entire department (staff) displayed to Lorraine during her stay here. The tenderness of heart you all displayed, to match her daily changing of physical, mental & emotional moods were expressed with the highest professional manner. From all of the room services thru C.E.N.A. group, from body showering, to room cleaning, to therapy, medical attention and dinning services will be highly recommended to any & all of our friends & associates who may require similar services. Kindly forward this information to your entire staff. Thank you sincerely.
Bob & Lorraine

Bishop Noa Home

You are truly appreciated, every one of you!

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the entire staff of the Bishop Noa Home, for the wonderful care our Wife/Mother, Rosemary received while she resided there.

Words are not adequate to describe our gratitude to all the nurses, aides, activities, housekeepers, office staff, departments, volunteers and of course the Sisters, for joyfully tending to all of Rosemary’s needs and for taking care of us too! We have been truly blessed by your kindness and dedication to excellence.

May God continue to bless all of you and this awesome ministry!


Wellbridge of Brighton

It was the evening of February 20, 2015 that I first entered Wellbridge. My husband couldn't stop talking about how much he liked the facility and assured me that I would be in good hands. I have visited many rehabilitation and nursing homes in my lifetime. I was always the visitor and never before had I been the patient. At the age of 55 years old, I felt like a ten year old as my husband wheeled me into the building. I was immediately impressed as I entered the building of Wellbridge. My first impression was the beautiful decor. It felt clean and fresh. The large open windows brought in the nature. Coupled with the large living plants indoors, I felt an over-all feeling of peace and tranquility.

I was comforted by the staff who greeted me in the lobby and the employees who were walking by with smiles on their faces as they nodded their heads to say "hello/welcome." I felt assured and genuinely welcomed.  The employees in Admissions, Michelle and Lynn who have the first contact with a new patient set the tone of a warm and friendly welcome. The dreadful paperwork wasn't dreadful at all. It was done swiftly, all the while making sure my questions were answered. 

The therapists can be seen demonstrating genuine compassion while they were working with their guests.  My physical therapist was Kim. Simply put, she was terrific. Kim's educational knowledge was evident. She helped educate me by teaching me ways to improve my movement and manage my pain. Her gentle demeanor and passion for what she does made it easy to work with her. My Occupational Therapist was Ashley. She was terrific too. She gave me many ideas that will help me return to my activities prior to my injury. Ashley was always encouraging and shared in the joy of my small successes. Ashley was very patient and reassuring.  Both of the therapists were so professional. I appreciated that they took the time to explain to me what they were doing and how it would benefit me. 

As you know the food can make or break a rehabilitation & nursing home facility. As far as I'm concerned Wellbridge has nothing to worry about. I give 2 thumbs up to the Executive Chef, Joe Young and his staff: Kevin Crowe, Marsel Bordo, Tracy Grifore, Rachael Schmidbauer and Dale Clark. The food was always served hot and fresh. The details that were put into preparing EVERY meal had not gone unnoticed. The food at Wellbridge is excellent and deserves a five star rating, not just because of the taste but also because of the presentation of the food on the plate ..... truly a culinary art!

As a patient on the 400 hall, I marveled at how things ran so smoothly. The nursing staff kept the lines of communication open and was very effective in communicating with their staff. One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa: "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” This is so evident of the many small things that are done daily and with love at Wellbridge. These include:

  • when a staff member left my room they would always ask, "Can I get anything for you"
  • I never waited more than a minute to have my call light answered
  • the bathrobe laid out on my bed felt like home
  • the array of soaps and lotions left out felt like a gift to me, etc.

I felt pampered during my entire stay and was never in need of anything. The staff was available to me 24/7Wellbridge runs like clockwork and I give a HUGE credit to upper management for their excellence in your guidance and terrific leadership.

Your professionalism, sincerity and educational knowledge should be recognized as an exception to the standard as set by the majority in the rehabilitation/nursing arena. Our Brighton I Howell Community are fortunate to have a rehabilitation facility of this caliber in our neighborhood.

Thank you!


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