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Skilled nursing facilities are the largest providers of post-acute and long-term care for Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.  They provide care in settings which are cost effective while advancing quality.  SNFs continue to meet the traditional long-term skilled nursing needs of their residents.  Today’s nursing facilities also meet the specialized clinical care needs of older adults and persons with disabilities.  Complex clinical care offered in many nursing facilities includes wound care, dialysis, chest tube care, trach care, IV antibiotics, ventilator care, chronic disease management and more. 

As Integrated Care Organizations (ICOs) prepare to serve beneficiaries eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, it will be important to have information on all the long-term and post-acute care providers in the region to ensure patient, resident and family choice and quality of services provided.  The directory provides information on facility locations, identifies key personnel and describes clinical specialties available at that site.  We hope that this information is helpful in identifying and building relationships with the skilled nursing facilities in the region. Click on the following link to view the ICO Map of Facilities by Region.

Listed below are several helpful links providing information for facilities, ICO Managers and consumers.

Integrated Care Organizations
The MI Health Link pilot project has contracted with selected health plans in Michigan that currently are both a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicaid Health Plan. These health plans designated as Integrated Care Organizations (ICO) will manage acute, primary, pharmacy, dental, and long term supports and services. For more information on participating health plans click HEREICO Region Updates.

Managed Care Newsletter
The Managed Care Newsletter is the way we will keep HCAM/MCAL members and partners armed with the latest information you need to navigate your way through the implementation of managed care in Michigan.  Make sure you check it out each time it hits your inbox.

The Managed Care Newsletter will contain the latest news.  It will also include information on the state and federal documents which authorize, direct and clarify MI Health Link and other managed care programs. For more information on the HCAM/MCAL Managed Care Newsletter and to view past issues click HERE

Medicaid Health Plans By Region

Managed Care Education

Peer Evaluation Tools

Terms and Timelines

Frequently asked Questions

Managed Care Forms

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